This is a photo clicked on a rural area kitchen where a girl is sitting on her mother's lap with some chapatis in front of her.

In six remote municipalities in Nepal, improved eco-cookstoves delivered by UNICEF in partnership with local governments are helping to protect the health of women and children – as well as the environment

With nature as the muse and Doodle Art as a medium, the UN in Nepal organized a virtual Doodle Art Competition as a part of UN75 Campaign in Nepal in 2020. The top ten finalists competed with each other for the top four position where two of the winners were decided by live audience voting.

Cash assistance paid in advance of floods in the south is a lifeline for devastated villagers

Nepal Human Development Report 2020: Beyond LDC Graduation: Productive Transformation and Prosperity has focused on how Nepal could meaningfully advance towards sustainable human development at a faster pace.